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The Healing Garden

Get your life back and optimise your health


10 Year Younger Luxury Facial £40
Stimulates collagen production in all effected areas such as eyes, mouth and neck, this luxury and uplifting facial will leave you with a glowing, plumped youthful complexion.

Re-hydrating Facial £35

Combat dry and exhausted aged skin, ideal for outdoor people, protects you from the elements and deeply moisturises.

Holistic Balancing Facial £35

Balances your skins PH level, designed for combination skin, detoxifying and refreshing your complexion, also rebalancing skin tone and cleansing of the pores.

Regenerating Facial £35

To repair damaged skin, perfect for getting over an illness and sun damage, this nursing facial will help reduce and repair existing pigmentation complaints and fine lines. 

Revital Facial £35

Ideal for skin in need of intensive repair. Repairs sun damaged complexions, nourishes dry skin and helps reduce existing pigmentation complaints and fine lines. 

Back Facial £40

A deep cleansing treatment for the back eliminating spots and black heads. Get ready for summer! 

Problem Skin Facials £40

A range of facials for skin problems like Acne/Spots, Rosacea and Extra Sensitive Allergy or Eczema prone skin.

Express Facial £30

Time limited, skin needs a refresher then express facial is for you cleanses, tones, massages and moisturises leaving skin clean and fresh.

Japanese Facial £40

Beauty is more than skin deep. Works on the meridians in your face therefore leaving your mind, body and spirit totally refreshed and balanced. Ultimate in relaxation, also helps with anti-aging.